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Workshops / Courses / Talks at Sacred Life

Astrology Workshop

Understanding the Soul Journey & Recognising Twin Flames and Soulmates

With Gordon Robert

10am til 4pm                          £50         (Please bring along your own lunch)                              


Do you find astrology confusing? Finding it difficult thow to use it for the best? Then this course maybe just for you.

A foundation in Astrology to cover the basics not only in a straight forward and logical manner but also in a way that has never been presented before

Who is the Course for?

This is for thoese interested in starting out in astrology or professional readers looking for anew angle on this fascionating subject.

The aim of the course is to

  • Understand chart basics
  • Understand how to find purpose and fulfilment in your life by finding your soul plan
  • Understand the dynamics of relationships past and present
  • Be able to decipher favourable and non favourable situations to assist in making your decisions

Develop Your Intuitive Potential

With Jeanette Wakeman

This is a 12 weekly circle or get-together for those of you who would like to build up confidence in their intuitive abilities. As most of you know I am a Professional Dowser have found that by using dowsing we can explore lots of different avenues to our spirituality. This is aimed at those who are just beginning and interested in following a more mindful path to those with limited knowledge. So if you feel like you would like to get together with like-minded people for some learning, fun and laughter, this is for you.

Some topics we will cover over the 12 weeks are:

Dowsing and what you can use it for.

Who's with you

How to read Angel Cards

Dream Analysis

Auras and Chakras

Colour therapy

How to cleanse and harmonise houses and businesses

Past Lives

Body Language and communication skills

Crystals - what they can be used for

Basic Numerology

Basic Palmistry

plus much...much more.

The 2 hours costs £15 per person to include refreshments, and structured informative notes.

Call me on 07789062136 or private messsage me. Spaces are limited so please let me know asap.

New Group starting Thursday 25th April 2024 

 £15 per evening

Talk on Nutrition

With Vereker Norris

More info to come.

7pm - 8.30pm                                                   £5 on door

(Please contact Sacred Life to book as spaces are limited)


Talk by Jeanette Wakeman

With Jeanette Wakeman

Throughout the year Jeanette will be talking about the therapies that she uses to help those who need it.

£5.00 on door







Numerology Course

With Gordon Robert

10am til 4pm                          £50                                (Please bring along your own lunch) 


Have you ever wished to understand the significance of numbers and your pathway. Then this may just be the course for you.

Discover the latent power of numbers in your everyday life. During this course we will look at how numbers influence you and at the end of the ocurse you will have a simple formula to help you understand better both yourself and people that you meet.

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