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With Heartstar Wholebeing/Jane Prescott

Jane supports empathic, intuitive, sensitive souls, starseeds and lightworkers. Shiatsu and Meridian Massage amplify your natural self-healing process so you can: feel the relief of physically functioning with more ease and less pain; clear away deep emotions, shock or trauma; learn the hidden wisdom in your challenging situations; rebalance hormone and sleep cycles; revitalise the free flow of your life-force energy; receive visionary guidance and/or wellbeing lifestyle information.

Check out her link for prices and more information:

Joe Eden

Tarot - Middle Pillar Healing - Hypnotherapy & Coaching

With a childhood bejewelled by visions of fiery angels and weird geometry, serpents, and rainbows I was lucky the head doctors never held sway over my situation. Indeed, the 70s was a different country. Fortunately, I came from a sympathetic family. During the 60s and 70s my Mum and Grandmother were much cherished spiritual readers with a salon that served the local neighbourhood and beyond. At times my journey of understanding has been more academic, I read anthropology at university with a special interest in medieval witchcraft studies.

Tarot  £40 (1 hour)

As a youngster, I found a context for events in the Tarot cards that were always around, and which have been my guide and companion ever since. I am a perceptive and intuitive reader. For over twenty years I have read for people both overseas and in the UK offering valuable insight over issues of love, livelihood, wealth, and wellbeing as well as many other areas of life. I also have a special interest in integrating Tarot within aspects of coaching practice.

Mobile : 07485 114187



Massage / Reflexology / Reiki / Mediumship

Jenny Dallow

Jenny's talents are second to none.  Her massages are wonderful, adapting them to individual needs.  She is a also a great healer and totally in tune spiritually.  So if you need guidance from a loved one or healing of any kind.  Jenny is for you.  Give her a call to book.  She works at the moment from Sacred Life on Mondays 1.30pm til 6.30pm.

Contact her on: 07719 311335


Brigitte Nath

Dorn Method - Back Pain Therapy

For back pain, Brigitte is for you!  She has been practising the Dorn Method for nearly 19 years now and has many happy clients.

If you have never tried DORN, now is the time.  You might be pleasantly surprised how gentle this Method is and what it can do for your Back and Neck.

It is a very different kind of therapy and Brigitte gives you simple Self Help exercises to progress from pain to fluidity.

Her philosophy is simple.  She wants to help people stay out of pain over the long term, and to achieve this he combines simple but unique Dorn Method techniques with regular maintenance and teaching of easy to learn self help exercises.

Look at her website to contact he direct

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